Habitat & Environment

Weeds, foreign species and invasive plants can all be managed effectively.


Providing habitat and wildlife management in North and West Yorkshire for over 30 years.

invasive species

Control invasive plants and weeds

We work across North & West Yorkshire to control fast growing plants and weeds including invasive species and nuisance plants, such as nettles and thistles.

Common pests and habitat management

Thick vegetation can provide an excellent habitat for common pests. We work with landowners and property managers to cut back plants and prevent pests from nesting.

Management of plants and weeds

Total Control

Wharfedale Pest Control offers a total weed control service. We will visit your site to create a plan that will be used to manage weeds across the entire site. This is especially useful in new housing developments, business parks, around retail units and warehouses/factories.

Spot Spraying

Spot spraying is used in areas where there is flora that should be protected and preserved, but there are weeds such as nettles, thistles and docks that need to be eradicated.


Bracken can affect the growth of other flora in some areas. Selective, hand-held spraying can ensure that excess bracken is controlled while leaving the flora undamaged.

Invasive Weeds

Whether you have invasive species in your garden or on property you manage, we can use treatment to remove these weeds from the area in the ling term. Some invasive weeds can cause a rash if you come into close contact with them, so weed control is important in areas frequented by people.

Aquatic Weeds

Aquatic weed control is governed by strict regulations and standards, with few herbicides now permitted for use in or around water. Please contact us if you have aquatic weeds you with to control.

For commercial businesses we can include weed control as part of our service agreements, to ensure that your land and buildings stay free of weeds and pests.

"...Great service, great price, the wasps have no longer got control of the garage!!..."
Josh - Silsden, West Yorkshire
"...Very fast response and professional...."
Alex Blaikley - Otley, West Yorkshire