Other common wildlife pests

Moles, rabbits, squirrels...


Wildlife control for other animal species

squirrel pest control

There are several other animals that can be considered as pests depending on the time of year, location and activity.

Often these cause havoc for farmers and the agriculture industry, but they can also be a problem for homes.

Property and land damage is significant if these animals become pests, and there is also the risk of diseases being spread via their droppings, urine and on their bodies.


Moles leave evidence of their activity with the telltale mounds of soil that you will see in fields and gardens. You may think that this is simply a nuisance and eyesore, however the tunneling can cause damage to the foundations of buildings, and make land unstable.


Another cute looking animal that can be a pest for some industries, rabbits mainly affect agriculture and land owners. Rabbits can cause damage to protected plants and flowers, but more commonly they damage land through scraping and burrowing.


They may look cute when running along a woodland path or scurrying up a tree, but if grey squirrels enter your home or building, they can cause damage to your property and health risks.

Squirrels can cause damage to woodwork and cables, tear insulation materials and infect water supplies with their urine and droppings. Outside they may dig up lawns and raid small birds’ nests.

Due to their high levels of activity during the night, people who have squirrels in their roof, attic or loft also report high levels of sleep disturbance.


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