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bird control
bird control
Avain Pest Control
Bird Control

Avian pest control for homes and commercial buildings

Avain Pest Control
Bird Control

Avian pest control for homes and commercial buildings

Treating avian pests and preventing their return

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While most birds resident to the UK offer very little harm, there are some species which are common pests. They can cause damage to buildings, and pose health risks, especially through their droppings and the insects that live in their nests.

Birds can be a nuisance for commercial businesses, especially food manufacture, preparation and storage facilities.

Our pest control services for birds can eradicate current problems and prevent future nesting.


Feral pigeons can cause a nuisance, damage buildings and also be a health risk to humans.

Pigeon can carry diseases including Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli through their droppings and carried on the birds themselves.

Because of the acidity of their droppings, it can cause erosion of stonework, brickwork and metals. Nesting materials can block chimneys which may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, and also block gutters.


Sparrows and starlings are more often than not a pest for commercial industries rather than homes.

They can enter factories, warehouses and food industry buildings through tiny holes, and it is incredibly difficult to get them to leave. We can offer commercial pest control agreements which help prevent aviary pests.


Starlings can cause problems for homes during nesting, as they can leave a large amount of twigs, branches and debris, especially in lofts. The insects and mites found in these nests can then travel to other areas of the house, causing potential health risk for humans.


Like pigeons, the nesting habits of gulls can cause problems for homes and commercial buildings, by blocking gutters and pecking holes in roofs.

Some gull breeds are aggressive, and can be dangerous to humans, especially small children.

How Do We Control Birds?

For domestic homes, we can help you to treat bird pest problems and advise you on preventing a re-appearance.

For commercial businesses, our service agreements can be used to prevent birds from causing problems in your buildings before they have a chance to cause damage or pose a health risk.

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"...Great service, great price, the wasps have no longer got control of the garage!!..."
Josh - Silsden, West Yorkshire
"...My mother...found this company very efficient, friendly and dealt with the problem in record time. Said she would highly recommend them. Thanks for all your help...."
Aiden Fletcher - Otley, West Yorkshire
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