Cockroach Control

Industry approved cockroach removal


Remove cockroach intrusions from commercial and domestic properties

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A group of cockroaches is called an intrusion, and that is exactly what they do to commercial buildings, farms, derelict properties and sometimes homes.

Cockroaches are less commonly found in domestic homes, and modern control techniques using gel is very effective at removing cockroach intrusions.

Cockroaches are responsible for food poisoning, allergies and other health problems in humans. They also create strong unpleasant odours and leave droppings.

Our pest control services effectively remove cockroach intrusions, using industry approved methods.



There are several cockroach species in the UK, and they can be between 10m-40mm in length. With a shell-like protective cover over their heads and bodies, long antenna and furry legs, cockroaches are easily recognisable. Some cockroaches have wings and others do not. They will moult several times as they grow to maturity.

Cockroaches will eat all matter of food as well as human and animal waste. They congregate together during the day, letting off an odour to attract others to their grouping. At night they become more active, hunting for food and moving around more.

Because they live within dirt and waste, they can spread diseases quickly. That is why it is important to treat cockroaches quickly and effectively.

How Do We Control Cockroaches

When you call Wharfedale Pest Control we will ask you several questions to ascertain the best method of control. Gels are commonly used now to treat cockroach intrusions, which are safe to use around humans and effective at decimating the whole group.

Before we arrive please don’t use any sprays or other treatments as seeing the original affected area will help us to decide on the best course of treatment.

"...Great service, great price, the wasps have no longer got control of the garage!!..."
Josh - Silsden, West Yorkshire
"...Very fast response and professional...."
Alex Blaikley - Otley, West Yorkshire