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Control ant colonies and prevent their return.

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While ant colonies usually nest outside, in the soil and under rocks or paving slabs, they can venture indoors in search of sugary substances which the colonies feed on.

The most common ants that will be found in UK homes are black ants and garden ants.

Ants can bite, and whilst it isn’t poisonous, ant bites do cause skin irritation.

Our pest control services target problematic ant infestations.



Common garden ants and black ants are around 3-5mm long. There are sterile females which are the workers who forage for food, build nests and look after the larvae. The queens are the fertile females and there are fertile males.

The flying ants that you might see on certain days during summer are the male and queen ants. After mating, the males die, and the queens shed their wings before they find a new nest site, although few queens live long enough to set up a new colony.

There can be millions of ants in one colony alone, so if they do encroach into your property it is important that a thorough removal is carried out.

How Do We Control Ants

When you call Wharfedale Pest Control we will ask you several questions to ascertain the best method of control. Ant gel is an effective treatment which can be effective to eradicate the whole colony, although it can take several weeks to remove a full colony.

Before we arrive please don’t use any sprays or other treatments as they can actually make treatment harder.

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