Insect and Bug Control

Pest control for insects and bugs including flies, fleas, silver fish, beetles & more


Remove insects and bugs from your home or building

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Crawling, biting and flying insects can all be pests in homes and commercial buildings.

Disease carrying insects are especially risky for humans, and it is essential that infestations are removed and quickly and effectively as possible.

For commercial spaces, insects can cause a nuisance, pose a health risk and loss of income. Agriculture businesses are often affected, as well as businesses in the food and hospitality sectors.

Our pest control services target current infestations and deliver preventative management.



Often found in small damp places such as the bathroom or kitchen, silverfish tend to be nocturnal, but they can live in chinaware, baths and basins as they cannot fly. 


There are several types of beetle which can be a pest in homes and commercial buildings. Spider beetles, biscuit beetles, carpet beetles are just some of the common species in the UK.

Wood Worm

Wood worm as the name suggests, can cause damage to furniture and the structure of wooden-build buildings.


Flies are a nuisance when they’re flying around occupied spaces. Not only can they be very annoying, but they also carry diseases through their droppings and on their bodies.

How Do We Control Insects

When you call Wharfedale Pest Control we will ask you several questions to ascertain the pest that you are being bothered by, and the best method of control.

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Josh - Silsden, West Yorkshire
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